SAVOIR-FAIRE Passionate women and men

Created in the heart of Paris, DS Automobiles encompasses passionate women and men who are guardians of a unique French luxury savoir-faire. It’s through this demand for excellence that our distinguished and inspired designs are built.

Materials of the highest quality

Our production cars come from the innovation and inventiveness of our craftsmen and are packed with expertise and unique savoir-faire, high-quality materials and elegant finishes. At DS, each model reflects personal expression with incomparable design, pioneering pleasure and incredible comfort.

"Pearl" stitching

Inspired by high-end fashion and perfected by our craftsmen, Pearl stitching adds to the elegance and delicacy of detail while posing a real technical challenge. The thread disappears as soon as it appears in the leather giving a rhythm to the stitching that needed more than four years of work and the development of a special machine. It's a unique process in the automotive world that has quickly become a key DS Automobiles signature.


Thanks to Invenio Flory, designer of contemporary decorative pieces, for letting us film in its studio:

"Clous de Paris" guilloche

Very graceful waves and lines plus an amazing technique. Created through fine watchmaking and inspired by the Louvre Pyramid, “Clous de Paris” guilloche is as if small nails with pyramid-shaped heads have criss-crossed in a sophisticated interplay of light and shadow. A tribute to the City of Light, this engraved metal pattern decorates our surfaces with demanding and intricate craftsmanship.

Watchstrap design upholstery

From tireless working with leather, contours, patterns and incredible expertise comes the iconic folding technique that adorns our seats with the watchstrap design upholstery. A single sheet of leather, trimmed, stuffed and folded by our master upholsterers results in a one-off item that’s an avant-garde benchmark. Initially made for our concept cars, it now features in every DS Automobiles interior.


A real playing field for experimentation with our techniques and expertise, our concept cars are, for our teams, the time to test new materials and technologies, to establish partnerships with recognised craftsmen, and to perfect their ways of inventing an innovative and premium driving experience.

A taste of the future

To build concept cars, our engineers and craftsmen are inspired by the world of Parisian luxury and designing the technology of tomorrow, without ever forgetting the beautiful, the sensory and the remarkable. Our latest design, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE, paves the way for the future of DS Automobiles, where the car becomes a space in its own right, intelligent and to be personalised, connected and sophisticated.

Quality without compromise

Our craftsmen, upholsterers, designers, trades, experts and engineers master materials and enhance technology to refine every detail and finish to create something that blends refinement with performance. Completely handmade, some ornaments became iconic signatures of our Brand, immersing you in our world of innovation and unbelievable comfort.

Expertise in everything we do

If our expertise comes to life through the highest quality materials and the most delicate techniques, it is also demonstrated by our genuine and premium customer experience. At DS Automobiles you are the very centre of our attention with bespoke support, whatever your needs and circumstances.