Smaller, lighter, more powerful petrol engines

Answering calls for reduced polluting exhaust emissions, we’ve developed our PureTech petrol engines under the strategy of downsizing.

DS engine

Cleaner engines

By reducing the size and weight of our engines and through incorporating innovative low friction materials, our engineers have succeeded in achieving a significant reduction in fuel consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions by each car. 

DS engine components

Efficient & Intelligent

To maximise their efficiency, we’ve also fitted all our PureTech petrol engines with the latest GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) which efficiently deals with particulate emissions from direct injection petrol engines.


Automatically activated when your car starts up, GPF technology is more than 75% effective on the bulk of particulate matter.

Two versions of PureTech petrol engine are available: 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder, both turbocharged. In terms of polluting emissions, all our PureTech engines are already configured to comply with forthcoming Euro6d regulations to be enforced from 2020. 

old DS3 on road

Combining optimum power with efficiency, our PureTech 180 and PureTech 225 4-cylinder petrol engines include a new generation high-performance turbo. DS 7 CROSSBACK is our first car to come with these engines.

Our three-cylinder PureTech 110 and PureTech 130 petrol engines are smaller, lighter and reduce fuel consumption by 1.5 litre/100km with CO2 emissions down by 25% compared with a 4-cylinder engine of the same power, all while maintaining the highest levels of acoustic comfort and the best possible driveability. The PureTech 110 is available on our DS 3 model and the PureTech 130 is now available on DS 7 CROSSBACK.

DS 7 CB driving through snow
old DS 3 on road
DS 7 crossback driving through town

2018 Engines

The PureTech Turbo 3-cylinder petrol engine is ‘International Engine of the Year 2018’. This is the fourth successive year that the engine has won the award in the 1L to 1.4L category, as judged by a jury of international journalists. The 1.2L PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 Auto is part of the DS 3 range and is compliant with the latest Euro 6.2 emissions standards.

Stop & Start

Cut back your long-term fuel consumption and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions with the Stop & Start technology on all our PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines.