Windscreen Wipers Fixed Price Replacement

To preserve your visibility

Windscreen wipers are an essential part of your vehicle and guarantee your safety.


DS Service has created a replacement operation that including parts and labour for optimal visibility.


This price includes :

  • The front wiper blade kit
  • Labour for installation
  • Visual checks by DS experts


The efficiency of the wipers depends on their condition and relies on various components: the mounting part (adapter), the stiffeners and the blade. For proper operation, it is imperative to:
  • Take the time to de-ice your windscreen before use.
  • Keep an eye on the direction of the spoiler during installation to ensure it will work efficiently. The spoiler has to be at the bottom, otherwise it will be useless.

As a responsible manufacturer, DS Automobiles is actively involved in the disposal of harmful substances

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From the design of our cars to the recycling of used parts, DS Automobiles and its network are committed to being environmentally aware at every stage of the vehicle's life cycle 

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