Already particularly intuitive and responsive, DS IRIS SYSTEM now integrates SoundHound Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API.(i) The new feature by DS Automobiles utilises the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence with SoundHound's Chat AI platform, which integrates several knowledge domains, combined with the most cutting-edge large language models like ChatGPT API to deliver more timely and comprehensive responses than the previous DS IRIS Voice recognition System. ChatGPT is integrated in DS IRIS System thanks to the audio and voice recognition system of SoundHound. Being an Artificial Intelligence language model, it is developed to generate human-like responses based on deep learning, but as it is new and developing technology, its answers or information may not be totally accurate, correct or objective. As with any other virtual assistant, we recommend you not to rely only on the information provided and to avoid sharing private information. Please refer to the terms and conditions.  


Your DS is now enhanced with an innovative function that allows you to explore a whole new relationship with your vehicle, offering you a travel companion that will make your journeys even safer and more pleasant.


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Take advantage of ChatGPTs(i) ChatGPT (version 3.5) is not connected in real time to an internet connection and is able to provide you with content updated to January 2022.   knowledge and ask for its help to enhance your journeys with information and anecdotes. History, geography, literature, gastronomy... Challenge ChatGPT and they'll become your best travelling companion!
Get Started with ChatGPT

Enhance your experience on board your DS with information and advice from IRIS: thanks to SoundHound Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API integrated into the DS IRISSYSTEM, your car becomes a real travel companion, for serene and enjoyable journeys.

To activate it, simply say "OK IRIS" and ask your questions directly. Here are a few examples:


  • OK Iris, what can I visit in Milan at this time of year?
  • Can you tell me about Leonardo da Vinci? Where was he born, where is he buried... (without having to repeat the context systematically).
  • Can you give me the opening and closing times of the Louvre in Paris?
  • What wine would you recommend with melon and ham for my starter this evening?
  • Can you suggest some games for my children to play in the car?
  • What is the distance between two cars on French motorways?

Tell my son a story about dragons, princesses, witches and a boy called Antoine.


Ask all the questions that come to mind during your journey, in complete peace of mind, without ever having to take your eyes off the road or fiddle with the screen. If the answer doesn't live up to your expectations, don't hesitate to rephrase your question using different words or to ask him to complete the answer... DS IRIS knows how to adapt.



Check out our tutorial videos to help you activate and take full advantage of our new ChatGPT service integrated into our infotainment system.



Check out our tutorial videos to help you activate and take full advantage of our new ChatGPT service integrated into our infotainment system.



ChatGPT is conversational artificial intelligence (IA), able to answer questions instantly and tailor what it says to your replies.

The database used by ChatGPT only goes up to January 2022, which limits its answers regarding recent or real-time events.


What is the benefit of this new travel companion?

With ChatGPT, discover a whole new relationship with your car!


Entertain yourself and ask for details about the town you’re visiting,

find out the history behind a landmark you’re passing,

amuse your kids with stories or quizzes…


1. Use action verbs.

“OK IRIS, explain to me…”

“OK IRIS, tell me the story of…”

“OK IRIS, talk to me about…”

“OK IRIS, what do you know about…”


2. Be precise, give names, cities, dates…


3. Be concise, get straight to the point!


4. Keep your voice natural.

IRIS memorises the previous question, so don’t wait before replying!


5. Ask for short answers.


6. If the answer is incomplete, feel free to ask again, to rephrase your question.

Don’t hesitate to bounce off its answers

Feel free to ask it for more details if required,


7. Don’t hesitate to contradict it if you don’t agree…

The more you use the voice assistant, the more you’ll learn to communicate with each other!

Bear in mind that ChatGPT uses data from before 2022. So it won’t be able to give you the latest sports results…


All conversations stay private.


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Mapping update

Road networks are constantly evolving, which is why we offer free mapping updates free twice a year(3). On the latest generation models, these updates are carried out automatically.