DS 7
Discover a series of how-to videos (video tutorials) and 3D technology films to help you discover the benefits of your vehicle's in-car options.
User manuals

Access DS 7 user manual online.

You can also access it from the Scan MyDS and MyDS App.

Tutorial videos
See our video tutorials for every DS 7 version.

With this video, see how DS INFOTAINMENT work. Learn how to:

  • Tailor the INFOTAINEMENT system
  • Personalise your touchscreen's content and driver information
  • Add or delete pages on your touchscreen

In this video, see how DS NIGHT VISION works. With its infrared camera, this system spots spedestrains and animals on the road and verges in real time. Learn how:

  • The screen shows you the system is ready
  • To display night vision
  • To turn the NIGHT VISION option on or off

In this video, see how DS IRIS SYTEM works. Our innovatirve and intuitive information ecosystem, integrating connected navigation and a personal assistant. Learn how to:

  • Access the driver's screen functions
  • Enable your personal display
  • Access all your DS 7's functions
  • View the notification centre and your most frequently used functions


Discover presentation videos of the technologies available on DS 7


There for your safety, the intelligent DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 headlights adapt to your surroundings by adjusting the lighting according to outside conditions (town, country, weather etc…) and directing light towards bends to improve visibility in corners.

With its PIXEL function you can stay on main beam without dazzling the vehicle you’re behind or those approaching you.

This intelligent suspension system uses a camera located at the top of the windscreen as well as several sensors to scan imperfections in the road in real time. It transmits this data in milliseconds to a computer which acts on each of the wheels independently. Depending on the information it receives it continuously makes the suspension harder or softer to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible driving DS 7.
An infrared camera located in the grille of DS 7 detects pedestrians and animals at a distance of between 50cm and 100m and displays them in the digital instrument display enabling you to anticipate danger and react calmly. A real safety improvement that guarantees relaxing driving, even in complete darkness.
Day and night, a system of sensors and a camera monitor signs of fatigue or distraction in the driver as well as the course of the car. In the event of a lack of attention or sleepiness, an audible alert is triggered in the cockpit and shown on the digital instrument display.
DS DRIVE ASSIST helps the driver while enabling them to retake control of their car. It’s another step towards autonomous driving. This innovative feature controls speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front and positions DS 7 where the driver wants it in its lane by adjusting the steering. It controls speed and trajectory guaranteeing you’re safe and relaxed at the wheel.
This system recognises speed signs along with a number of other traffic signs and displays them on the central instrument panel for the driver.
FOCAL Electra® Sound System
Inside DS 7, enjoy a unique audio experience by taking advantage of its FOCAL Electra® Sound System. The audio system consists of 14 speakers, including a subwoofer and an amplifier with a total power of 515 Watts for an exceptionally immersive sound.
DS IRIS SYSTEM is our new information ecosystem that’s intuitive, ergonomic and can be completely personalised. It includes a personal assistant with a touch screen and voice recognition. DS IRIS SYSTEM does what you want, when you want.
360 Vision

DS 7 benefits from new latest generation digital cameras front and rear enabling the best possible rendering of images on its large 12” touch screen.


360 Vision is video assistance for all low-speed manoeuvres. It displays a “bird’s eye” view of the car and its surroundings: the view is updated according to how the car moves.

E-Tense Technology

Discover our dedicated video tutorials for our plug-in hybrid models



How does DS 7 work?
With its plug-in hybrid power units ranging up to 360 horsepower and 4 wheel drive, DS 7 brings together comfort and efficiency and guarantees you have a smooth and enjoyable drive for journeys with a premium feel. Explore the various ways of charging with their related charging times and what the different coloured guide lights in the charging flap mean.

Charging solutions from our partner Leasys

Discover our video tutorials to use the services of our partner Leasys.



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Découvrez les tutoriels pour les solutions à la charge
Ce tutoriel vidéo vous indique comment souscrire au service « Charge My Car », via l’application Leasys. Suivez les étapes pour bénéficier de toutes ses fonctionnalités : identification des bornes de recharge publiques disponibles et compatibles avec votre voiture électrique ou hybride rechargeable, planification de votre trajet et paiement simplifié. Directement accessible depuis votre Smartphone ou sur l’écran de votre voiture, « Charge My Car » simplifie vos déplacements, partout en Europe.

Charging your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle

Discover, through this video tutorial, how to identify the nearest charging station, the most economical or the fastest, thanks to the "Charge My Car" feature of the Leasys application, directly accessible from the screen of your car or your smartphone. Then start and stop charging your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid at all the stations in the Leasys network, using your charging card or your smartphone.

Prepare your trip

Follow the instructions in this video tutorial to prepare a long journey in an electric or plug-in hybrid car with the "Charge my Car" service, available from the Leasys app. Access Europe's largest network of charging stations and determine the optimal route to facilitate even the longest journeys.