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MyDS App has been thoroughly designed to allow you to connect to your DS and its environment.

Each of the technologies available in your DS or smartphone will let you extend the driving experience before, during and after each journey. All DS models are compatible with MyDS App.

Your DS, always by your side

Take control, even remotely

Before your journey: simplify your life and easily find where you parked your DS.*
During your journey: Utilise the satelitte navigation system and monitor your fuel consumption. MyDS will warn you before the next maintenance check.*
After your ride: providing you with directions from your DS to walk to your final destination.*

*On a Smartphone with connection and navigation functionalities.

MyDS App offers a set of customised services after each journey: autonomy, mileage, next maintenance check. Best way to look after your DS.

Enhance your driving experience with MyDS

MyDS App is available on iOS and Android

MyDS App offers several functionalities to give you peace of mind and driving pleasure:
* Allows you to manage different cars (if you own more than one DS) using the same interface.
* Downloading distinct DS Apps.
* Geolocating your preferred DS dealership and the DS dealerships nearest to you.
* Providing you with DS Automobiles latest news and offers.


For more safety and comfort, MyDS also offers an easy access to all helpful numbers: DS assistance, customer service, your preferred dealer...

Scan MyDS App

Access your digital handbook with the Scan MyDS App

You can now access your DS handbook online with your smartphone.

1/ Download the digital handbook on your smartphone
2/ Thanks to your mobile camera you can now scan parts of your DS. Then, with a single click, detailed information about the element will display...


Easy, quick, and effective, MyDS App provides you with all the necessary information