DS Fixed Price Repairs are a simple and cost-effective way to keep your DS in perfect condition. They use the same manufacturer-produced DS Original Equipment that your car was built with. For older models, DS Fixed Price Repairs with DS Approved Parts is an affordable but long-lasting option that still uses official DS components. See how your DS could benefit from DS Fixed Price Repairs.

Front Brake Pads

Brakes are a fundamental part of your car’s safety system and the front pads are the braking component that wears quickest of all. It’s always advisable to change the pads on the left and right at the same time.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£185 £125

Front Brake Pads and Discs

Periodically, rather than simply having new pads, your car will need new brake discs too. As with pads, it’s important to have both sides replaced at the same time. Doing so will ensure the brakes on your DS perform exactly as they were designed to.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£345 £249

Rear Brake Pads

The pads at the rear might not wear as quickly as those at the front but they’ll still need replacing periodically. Doing so will return the brakes on your DS to their formidable best.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£185 £125

Rear Brake Pads and Discs

You're unlikely to need the rear brake discs changing as frequently as the pads. But when they are required, it's a simple way of making motoring as safe as possible.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£345 £249

Front Wiper Blades

Windscreen wipers are vital for an unobscured view ahead in dangerous conditions. But like many parts of your DS, wiper blades suffer from wear and tear. When they’re worn they can judder and smear rather than clearing your windscreen. New wiper blades ensure you can see hazards ahead and safely avoid them.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£49 £39

Timing Belt

An engine’s timing belt synchronises the opening and closing of its valves. Timing belts wear over time and need replacing before they break. Letting one fail is disastrous for the engine, expensive for you. Correct maintenance of this precision component is crucial if your engine is to continue running smoothly.


DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£595 £495

Water Pump

The water pump is another integral engine component. This moves coolant through the engine block and radiator to ensure the optimum operating temperature is maintained. The water pump contains seals and gaskets that can wear. Replacing one is a complex job that’s frequently made easier (and therefore cheaper) if it’s done when a new timing belt is fitted.

DS Original Equipment DS Approved Parts
£120 £120


Car batteries lead a hard life. Short journeys and extremes of weather take a toll on their health. But come rain or shine, they’re necessary for starting a car and powering features such as lights, windscreen wipers, air-conditioning and even your vehicle electrics systems. On average, the premium batteries we fit last for five to seven years. But getting a replacement before the existing one wears out is essential if you’re not going to be stranded at the roadside.


DS Original Equipment  DS Approved Parts
Petrol/Diesel £169 £129
Stop / Start £249 £199


Every DS relies on computer power to operate at its brilliant best. The main computer constantly monitors car behaviour via a series of sensors. Any faults are logged in the form of an error code. Our advanced computer diagnostic system will identify these codes enabling our technicians to quickly and easily find and rectify even the smallest fault.



Air-conditioning Refresh

Your car’s air-conditioning system is the perfect place for bacteria to hide. You won’t be able to see them, but you’ll certainly smell them. An Air-conditioning Refresh will eliminate these bacteria helping your car’s air-con to work efficiently without any unpleasant odours.





Air-conditioning Service

There’s nothing like slipping into a beautifully air-conditioned car when the weather’s hot outside. But air-conditioning needs to be serviced regularly. This ensures its filters are clean and it has sufficient gas to work effectively.



Telemaintenance lets you know if there is something that you need to get fixed on your DS. Discover if your DS is eligible for this FREE of Charge Service.