Renewed for You

SUSTAINera parts are previously owned Genuine DS Parts that have been through a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure they are as good as new. 

To ensure SUSTAINera Parts maintain the high quality you expect, they undergo the following procedure:

* Each SUSTAINera Part is carefully stripped down to component form
* Specialists systematically clean these components
A comprehensive checking procedure ensures parts are fit for reuse 
* Components prone to wear such as gaskets and bearings are renewed
* Where relevant, components and computer software are updated
* Specialists rebuild the parts
* Rebuilt parts are tested thoroughly


For total reassurance, all SUSTAINera Parts benefit from a 12 months warranty - the same as genuine DS parts.


The SUSTAINera range includes a wide array of parts, from engines to gearboxes, and alternators to starter motors, plus many more as per the parts families table below: 


Brake Calipers Renovated Clutch Kits Particulate Filters
Air Conditioning Compressors Steering Racks Alternators
Starter Motors Automatic Gearboxes Manual Gearboxes
Diesel Engines Petrol Engines Radiators
Turbos Injector Holders Injector Pumps
Cylinder heads Engine Flywheels Clutch and ADF Pro Kits