The concept car that reinvents travel

The future of the car is here. Created through the expertise of passionate and engaged men and women, DS AUTO SPORT LOUNGE embodies the DS Automobiles ambition to introduce a different take on the car. From being a simple object, it’s transformed into a work of art designed to make each trip an inspirational journey.
Avant-garde lines
Visualised around its occupants, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE is wide, low, long and light. With its fastback saloon lines, it combines aerodynamic efficiency with phenomenal design. 
Light signature
DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE benefits from new opportunities offered by electrification: E-TENSE signature lighting, illuminated badges and mesmerising graphic animation. 

The power of lines

With its swallow-like appearance and Crystal Pearl paint, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE splits the air as much as it uses it. Its generous roof line combined with the absence of physical mirrors, replaced with cameras, give it an emotional and expressive style, for a dynamic design and an implicit presence.

Sophistication and technology

Super spacious, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE’s cockpit maintains a sporty profile. On either side of the cockpit, screens enable control of some functions while completely freeing up the dashboard. In front of the occupants, this comes to life with necessary navigation features while driving information is projected onto the windscreen with augmented reality.

Sumptous materials

DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE combines art and technology by calling on the unique expertise of art workshops and craftspeople: straw marquetry, cotton satin and three-material microfibre.
Straw marquetry
Cotton satin
Three-material microfibre

Technology inside

Between the seats, the central armrest acts as a guide. With Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics, you make a gesture with your hand in the air and receive a tactile response.

Connected power

On the bonnet an illuminated strip takes information to the cockpit bringing to life IRIS, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE’s artificial intelligence. The E-TENSE power unit provides 500 kW of power connected to a new generation 110 kWh battery, for a longer range of 650 km and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION guarantees ultimate comfort.

The future of the car


Avant-garde design, unique aesthetics, embodiment of the wildest fantasies; concept cars are works of art.


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