Let refinement power the future

When Formula E shapes our future cars

With its aerodynamic design and technology inspired by our motor racing victories, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE heralds the new E-TENSE generation. A real link between Formula E and our future designs, this 100% electric concept car paves the way for the future of the high-performance car.

Writing the future for electric

More than a concept car, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is a preview to the future of our E-TENSE range. This real high-performance laboratory enables the DS Automobiles engineers to analyse, develop and form the latest generation of components that will go on to be used on our cars.

A high-performance technology laboratory

Tested in real conditions by our Formula E racing drivers, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE gets an exceptional regeneration system for its 600 kW battery during deceleration and has powerful acceleration capability enabling it to go from 0 to 62 mph in 2 seconds.
DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE can develop up to 815 horsepower through the cumulative power of its twin electric motors combined with four driven wheels.  
Especially innovative, the chassis, motor and battery are at the centre of development for the future electric car. 

New vision, by DS Automobiles

Following on from our first concept cars, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is reinterpreting its design language for the 100% electric generation. Its scarab-effect interferential paint tone plays with light along its sleek lines. The two-tone bonnet, the new light signature magnified by the DS WINGS and the three-dimensional illuminated DS logo indicate the future direction of our designs. Inside, the steering wheel design and the bucket seats are inspired by Formula E to ensure driving precision. The 21 inch wheels benefit from an aerodynamic profile thanks to unique inserts.

The future of the car


Avant-garde design, unique aesthetics, embodiment of the wildest fantasies; concept cars are works of art.


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