Dream Car
Marrying technology with poetry
An exciting and passionate car with a design that’s as light as a feather and silent as a breath of air for stunning performance.
The meaning of light
The bodywork benefits from new technology that regenerates itself in the event of an impact and the front features grilles designed to adapt to road conditions. The intensity of light – through the illuminated DS LIGHT VEIL panels – and the ability to cool match the needs of the car's occupants and the environment.
A unique design
Dreaming about the car for 2035 drove the DS Automobiles team to create an asymmetric shape with three seats in a unique blend of two cars which enables a choice of driving mode.
Imaginative technology
The 100% electric powertrain guarantees unrivalled responsiveness. Located at the front, in the middle of each wheel, in this fantasy it delivers an output of 400 kW (540 horsepower) in traffic. Moving onto the circuit, a special mode exceeds 1,000 kW (1,360 horsepower) and benefits from suspension designed by DS Performance, the Formula E technical team. The carbon chassis sits on springs and torsion bars with innovative properties. Traction, grip and deceleration are controlled by a physical and software concept to achieve the best possible performance whatever the surface.
A cocoon in itself
On the right side, the ambiance is different. The driver becomes the passenger when they enter the cocoon through a butterfly door, whether they’re alone or with someone else. The asymmetry makes new spaces possible beneath a transparent glass pod. The passenger sits in a sensory shell, stretched out like a bird’s wing, cooled and massaging, with a feather stole on the upper part. The experience of autonomous driving is exceptional. Along with the sense of touch, the sense of hearing is also invited along. The interior space is an immersive acoustic bubble dedicated to the pleasure of listening, by FOCAL. The dashboard is reinvented as a generator of musical flow: acoustic waves adjusted in real time follow the listener by adapting to their every move.

Generating extreme emotions

The cockpit is accessed by an Elytre door that is trimmed with a carbon fibre/leather weave. Inevitably, the eyes are drawn to the pyramidal architecture of the single seat, which adapts perfectly to the driver’s build like the fitted seats seen in motor racing. The steering wheel, meanwhile, in keeping with the symbol it has always represented vis-à-vis the passion for automobiles, is an enticing combination of leather, wood and metal. The two-tone Millennium Blue and Navy Blue Aniline leather is finished with DS’s trademark pearl topstitch pattern. These appointments alone contribute to the promise of a unique experience once installed inside the cockpit and provide the driver with an adrenalin rush even before they pull away.

The future of the car


Avant-garde design, unique aesthetics, embodiment of the wildest fantasies; concept cars are works of art.


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