Revelations from the M.i. manifesto 21
With M.I. 21, DS Automobiles unveils its future interiors
Paris, June 7th, 2023

DS DESIGN STUDIO unveils M.i. 21, illustrating the Brand's vision of future interiors.


This research medium, strictly for internal use, gives concrete form to the joint reflections of the design and product teams on new concepts, original silhouettes, technological developments, rethought ergonomics and HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) and CMF (Colors, Materials and Finishes) explorations.


The manifesto is also an invaluable communication tool within the Brand, with engineering and the Group's top management as well as being a creative stimulus for the DS design team. Unlike a concept car, a manifesto incorporates certain regulatory, industrial and economic constraints to guarantee rapid production launch.


With the M.i. 21 manifesto, DS is sharing its vision with the public for the first time, on the occasion of Révélations, the international biennial showcase of craftsmanship and creation held in Paris at the Grand Palais Ephémère from June 7th to 11th 2023. 


"Révélations is an event dedicated to know-how, fine crafts and the excellence of artisans. We've been present there since 2019. It's an opportunity to meet a public sensitive to the avant-garde, beautiful materials, style, know-how and design. It's useful to gather their impressions, sensations and comments, like a life-size test with experts. Our participation in Révélations also gives us the opportunity to relay our call for DS x MÉTIERS D'ART creations, which allows us to project ourselves even further."

Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Styling Director

Conceived by Thomas Bouveret - Head of Interior Design - Vincent Lobry - Head of CMF Design - and their teams, the M.i. 21 manifesto reinterprets the codes of tomorrow's interiors in the service of the art of travel. It focuses in particular on : 



Light contributes to well-being inside the cabin. Whether direct or indirect, to give subtlety to elements and bring a new dimension to materials, it will become a major player in the on-board sensory experience, adaptive, intelligent and connected to its environment. The circles in the doors become rings of light, sublimating the materials they showcase.



In a break with the past, the cabin architecture offers more space. Space has been freed up by floating the dashboard and pushing it forward. The floor has been redesigned, with no central tunnel or console, and glass surfaces have been increased to offer more space, freedom and serenity on board. Storage is inspired by the world of furniture. A subtle play of balance between materials, sensations to the touch and the distribution of volumes takes place to provide a feeling of well-being.


During a journey, sound allows the mind to escape. It contributes to the aesthetic setting of the cabin. It also reflects the acoustic quality of DS Automobiles interiors. Sound is part of the journey: it can amplify the experience or disappear to bring a sense of abundance. A fundamental rethink was undertaken to put an end to the constant overkill of components in high-fidelity systems, and to save space and mass. The work illustrated on the manifesto is both more visually rewarding and more in harmony with a fluid, uncluttered style. The entire sound system has been grouped on a central element, becoming an emblematic object through its design, its positioning in the cabin and the lighting that accompanies it.


The relationship between man and machine has been rethought. With the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE presented in 2020, we had already begun thinking about interiors with less intrusive, more magical interfaces. Information was projected onto cotton satin. The disappearance of screens was intended to reduce mental overload and information redundancy. The race to increase the size and number of screens is a strong trend among all manufacturers. But switched off, these screens have no real aesthetic value. The idea is to find the technology that delivers the expected information without sacrificing quality and sensory appeal. With the M.i. 21 manifesto, an innovative solution is being tested using a projection on a panel that can be made opaque to display information, or transparent to reveal materials. The only concession to screens is those in the doors, dedicated to rear-view cameras. The system is controlled by voice or by a remote control system in the central armrest. 


The artistic dimension

One of the aims of the M.i. 21 manifesto is to go one step further in offering a customized solution, enhanced by a genuine artistic piece. Everyone can make it their own, according to their taste. Artistic expression is an uplifting experience. The absence of loudspeakers frees up space in the doors. This space is reinvested to rethink certain storage areas and redefine a larger space dedicated to the expression of know-how. This zone of artistic expression is unprecedented. Circles represent perfect geometry and a form of reassurance. They highlight and differentiate the cabin, with a strong signature and graphic design.