With DS Automobiles, technology and innovation reflect the excellence and know-how of the brand as well as the future of the automobile in its energy transition.
Eco-efficient technology
DS vehicles are equipped with eco-efficient technologies to enable efficient driving without compromising on performance and driving pleasure. E-TENSE technology on the new DS electric and plug-in hybrid cars embodies the future of electric mobility. Our Puretech and BlueHDi engines also enable more responsible driving thanks to their reduced weight and size, therefore reducing the fuel consumption of your DS vehicle.
Driving assistance technology
DS Automobiles has incorporated driving assistance technology into its range of vehicles to enable you to enjoy a serene and safe journey. The extended head-up display allows you to see key information related to driving without ever taking your eyes off the road and DS PARK PILOT allows the vehicle to park, in bays or parallel, without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals.  Other Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) aids integrated into DS cars help improve levels of safety, such as DS NIGHT VISION, which anticipates dangers, making driving more serene and peaceful.
Driving comfort technology
Technology has been designed to offer you uncompromising comfort and exceptional sensations at the wheel of your DS car. From the opening of your DS vehicle thanks to PROXIMIT YKEYLESS ENTRY AND START to the  FOCAL Electra® HiFi System or the interior comfort thanks to the DS AIR ventilation system, our technology accompanies you on every journey without compromising the performance or design of your car.
DS Concept Cars
Born of cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design, DS Concept Cars are true works of art with a unique and futuristic aesthetic. DS E-TENSE Performance, DS X E-TENSE and DS E-TENSE concept cars are equipped with 100% electric engines, guaranteeing unrivalled responsiveness and performance. DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car has the elegant silhouette of a saloon while being aerodynamic thanks to its sloping roofline. Each DS Concept Car creation is the expression of a new vision of the automobile of the future by DS Automobiles.