DESIGN & PRECISION DS 3 CROSSBACK LOUVRE, an exclusive Limited Edition

Our LOUVRE Limited Edition is a result of the meeting of the worlds of art and the automobile. To celebrate our partnership, our designers took inspiration from the iconic Parisian museum by embellishing DS 3 CROSSBACK with exclusive and original designs.

A unique model, inspired by the world of art

The exclusive Limited Edition that takes art on a journey. Building on our partnership with the Louvre, we are celebrating with this unique model, the avant-garde spirit and the timeless values that unite us. A collaboration that honours the art of travel and remarkable craftsmanship.

Enrich your journeys with the “A Day at the Louvre” app, available through the integrated 10 inch HD touchscreen. With 182 podcasts, each dedicated to a work of art at the museum, it welcomes you into the most famous of Parisian institutions.

ELEGANT SIGNATURE A meticulous and sophisticated design

Gloss Black exterior trim

For this exclusive Limited Edition, the DS WINGS and the rear light trim are Gloss Black, emphasising the elegance and beauty of the DS 3 CROSSBACK’s design.

Door mirror casings with laser etched Pyramid design.

The door mirror casings are intricately decorated with logos inspired by the Louvre Pyramid. By intricately removing the black metallic paint, the laser reveals this subtle detail which delicately emphasises DS 3 CROSSBACK LOUVRE’s elegance.

18 inch 'LUXOR' alloy wheels

Named in tribute to the enormous Egyptian collection in the Louvre, our 18 inch alloy wheels have been finished with a Gloss Black polish and an exclusive Pyramid imprint in black ink. Large and sculptural, they enhance the car's already imposing character. 

Louvre badges

The result of meticulous work between the team at the Louvre and our designers, the four exterior badges (front, rear and on the sides) adorn the car with an elegant Pyramid motif.


Enjoy a perfect view whilst driving at night with DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights. Guided by a camera at the top of the windscreen, they automatically adapt to your surroundings and perfectly illuminate the road ahead without ever dazzling any other vehicles (both oncoming and those that you're following).

Paint with 3D Skin effect

A product of the exceptional expertise of our designers and our craftsmen bodywork painters, the 3D Skin technique allows the Pyramid motif to be continued on the bonnet strip.

10.3 inch HD touchscreen with "A Day at the Louvre" app

Perfectly integrated into the dashboard, the 10.3 inch HD touchscreen enables you to easily access 182 podcasts through the “A Day at the Louvre” app, as well as all your car’s navigation features.

Gloss Black gear lever trim with laser engraved Pyramid motif

The gear lever surround features a Pyramid motif, created using laser engraving. Designed with precision, it further echoes the Louvre theme and brings a touch of finesse and elegance to the trim.

Please note, the embossed “E” motif shown in this image is not available in the UK. 


Dashboard trim with Pyramid embossing on Nappa Leather

Embossing with the Pyramid motif on the Nappa Leather makes the dashboard stand out. By bringing a hint of relief without affecting the leather, it expresses the deep links between art and technology.

Extended Emergency Braking System

Part of the Safety Pack, the Emergency Braking System helps you to reduce or avoid the risk of collision, at speeds of up to 50 mph. The technology enables the car to brake automatically in dangerous situations if you are not able to react. Available as standard on the Louvre Limited Edition, this technology ensures you have safer journeys.

Blind spot monitoring

Drive with greater peace of mind thanks to our system that warns you when a vehicle is in your blind spot through an indicator light in your door mirrors. Blind spot monitoring is part of the Advanced Safety Pack that comes as standard with DS 3 CROSSBACK Louvre.

Extended Lane Keeping Assist

Especially useful on dual carriageways and motorways, this driver aid automatically corrects your trajectory by progressively counter steering to reposition you in your lane if you deviate from it.


- 3D LOUVRE motif on central rib of bonnet

- Gloss black rear tailgate trim and rear light surround

- LOUVRE detailing - badges on bonnet, front doors and tailgate. Motif on door mirror shells

- 18 inch LUXOR alloy wheels



- LOUVRE Interior Detailing:

Louvre embossing and badging on dashboard

 Louvre detailing on gear lever surround

- Art Black Basalt Nappa Leather with watchstrap design

Black Basalt Nappa leather watchstrap design seats

Acoustic and tinted front and rear windscreens

Frameless electrochrome interior rear view mirror

Front chrome door entry sill with DS logo

Front and rear carpet mats


- Reversing camera

- Front and rear parking sensors 

- DS Connect Nav with real-time traffic and Danger Zones by TomTom Services

- DS Connect Box - emergency & assistance system

Hill assist

- Safety Pack

Emergency Braking System

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Departure Warning

Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation Intelligent Speed Adaptation

- Advanced Safety Pack

Includes Safety Pack,

+ Extended Emergency Braking System

+ Extended Lane Keeping Assist

+ Blind Spot Detection


- A Day At The Louvre app included on the 10.3 inch HD touchscreen


Available engines


PureTech 130 Automatic

PureTech 155 Automatic

100% Electric


*The fuel consumption or electric range achieved, and CO2 produced, in real world conditions will depend upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: the accessories fitted (pre and post registration); the starting charge of the battery (PHEV only); variations in weather; driving styles and vehicle load. The plug-in hybrid range requires mains electricity for charging. The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is used to measure fuel consumption, electric range and CO2 figures. Figures shown are for comparison purposes and should only be compared to the fuel consumption, electric range and CO2 values of other cars tested to the same technical standard. The figures displayed for the plug-in hybrid range were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Information correct at time of going to print. More details on WLTP can be found here.