DS 3 Crossback E-TENSE driving to castle


Pure and intense, the driving of our electric model is distinguished by immediate accelerations and a soothing silence for incomparable comfort of use.


With the same everyday practicality as DS 3 CROSSBACK, our 100% electric version offers you pleasure and comfort. Thanks to its E-TENSE engine, which incorporates technology derived from DS Automobiles' victories in Formula E in 2019 and 2020, you can enjoy a range of 191-206 miles (in WLTP cycle). A combination of performance and elegance for your electric car.

ds 3 crossback on charge at wall charger

RANGE Find out about the range of your electric car

A new world is opening up for you

There are several elements that can have an impact on your electric car's range, such as weather conditions as well as your own driving style. Find out more about the factors that can influence the efficiency and the range of an electric car's battery.

Speed & acceleration

Put simply, the faster you travel the more quickly your battery will deplete. A smooth driving style with gentle acceleration  and lower speeds conserves energy.

Driving style & route elevation

How you drive and how many hills you encounter on your route both play a part in the range of your electric vehicle. By using the "Eco" driving mode (one of three different driving modes available on DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE), some functions such as internal temperature and air recirculation are slightly altered to reduce energy consumption.  Using regenerative braking and adopting a smooth driving style can increase your range by up to 20%.


Range can vary by up to 35% between summer and winter. Using the MyDS app, you are able to use the car's thermal pre-conditioning function. This allows the car to heat or cool to the required temperature before starting your journey whilst plugged in, therefore conserving battery energy and increasing your range.

Calculate the range of your DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE

Find out how driving style, speed and temperature can impact the range of your electric vehicle using our tool.

E-TENSE Technology

Power & Flexibility

Thermal pre-conditioning

Driving modes

Regenerative braking

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thermal pre conditioning
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RECHARGE It's always the right time for charging

There are several different ways to charge your electric car's battery. The time taken to charge your battery depends on which charging method you use.

The most convenient method is to get a charging point installed at home (via our partner Pod Point). On longer trips, you can stop for a short break at a rapid charging point. By using one of these you can charge up to 80% of your battery in just 30 mins (with 100kW).

Find out more about the cost of charging your electric vehicle here.

Charging time Calculate the charging time of your DS

Charging facilities

Services and solutions designed for you

Fast charging at home

Public charging

Charging cables

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bp pulse subscription offer

DS Automobiles offers customers who purchase a new E-TENSE electric or plug-in hybrid a free 6 month subscription to bp pulse**, the UKs largest public charging network. When you create a bp pulse account, simply add your DS E-TENSE VIN number as the ‘offer code’.

**Customers are required to provide credit/debit card details to their account when signing up, for any electricity used to be charged to. £7.85 per month payable after the first 6 months for ongoing subscription. When you create a bp pulse account, simply add your DS E-TENSE VIN number as the ‘offer code’. Existing bp pulse subscribers can still benefit by contacting the bp pulse help-desk to receive 6 months credit applied to their account. Offer available in conjunction with all other Retail offers. One claim per person per vehicle purchase. Offer not transferable and no cash alternative. DS Automobiles reserve the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice.

Benefit from a tailor-made installation

When you purchase an E-TENSE electric vehicle, you benefit from the expertise of our recommended charging partner, Pod Point, who will provide you with the best service for your charging solution. Your DS retailer will put you in touch with Pod Point once you have placed an order for your vehicle.

CONTROL Control your car with your fingertips

Control your electric car from your smartphone with the MyDS app

Range information

With the MyDS smartphone app, you can see the e car’s current state of charge and approximate remaining range. When your electric car is plugged in, the speed and expected remaining charging time are also shown.

Remote charging

With remote charging you can use the MyDS app to start charging or set-up a charging schedule.  By scheduling a charge, you can take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs available with some energy providers.

Thermal Pre-conditioning

Using the thermal pre-conditioning function allows you to schedule the heating or cooling of your car. As well as ensuring your comfort, it also conserves battery power thereby increasing your range.



No compromises

DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE was designed from the outset to be an electric car: its combination of style and performance gives unique driving enjoyment. Get ready to try a new generation of mobility, with no compromises in performance compared to petrol or diesel motoring and remarkable efficiency.

​ Access Low Emission Zones

In order to improve air quality many urban areas are now implementing Low Emissions Zones, restricting access or implementing charges for older, more polluting vehicles.

The bright blue LED located at the top of the windscreen indicates that DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE is an electric vehicle with zero emissions,  allowing you to access these areas in many cases at no cost. 

Find out more about the environmental impact of EVs.

Tax & financial incentives

Road tax costs (Vehicle Excise Duty) are £0 and there are substantial tax incentives for business car drivers and businesses to make the switch to 100% electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

To find out more about the benefits of owning an ultra-low emission vehicle, visit www.GoUltraLow.com.

Lower servicing & maintenance costs

Electric motors  are less complex than their petrol and diesel counterparts, which means that servicing and maintenance costs are lower over the life of the vehicle.  Electric vehicle technology also means that some wear parts last longer. For example,  the use of regenerative braking on electric vehicles means that brake discs don't wear out as quickly. 

^The vehicle will rapid charge at a rate of up to 100kW, depending on the power of the rapid charging station used and will take longer to charge at a lower power.  Rapid charging stations are available across the UK at various locations and their power rating varies, typically from 50kW and sometimes up to 350kW.  For further information on public charging stations across the UK, please visit www.zap-map.com