In 1955, Citroen produced a visionary masterpiece: the CITROËN DS 19

Launched in 1938 on an initiative from Pierre Boulanger to replace the Traction Avant, the VGD project culminated 17 years later in the launch of DS 19 in October 1955. Three men in particular
were involved in the design and development of the new model :
- André Lefèbvre, an aeronautical engineer by training,
- Paul Magès, a self-taught engineer, was the creator of the hydraulics system.
- Flaminio Bertoni, a stylist, sculptor and talented painter, designed the revolutionary and elegant body styling.

CITROËN DS 19, 21 AND 23: concentrated high-technology

Several versions of the DS 19 were launched over the course of the 1950s. The first was the ID 19 in October 1956, followed by the estate versions and the DS 19 Prestige in 1958.

The DS 19 enjoyed international success. The car was exported across the world, as a symbol of French elegance.


Creating the DS brand was an obvious progression.

Officially created on 1st June 2014, DS became a brand in its own right, affirming its ambition to embody the know-how of French luxury into the automotive industry.

The DS Automobiles brand is built on exceptional heritage, that of the DS 19 launched 60 years ago. This legendary car conveys the values of innovation, excellence and avant-garde.


In 2015, the brand celebrated 60 years of the original DS and, at the Geneva Motor Show, revealed its new ‘DS AUTOMOBILES, SPIRIT OF AVANT-GARDE’ signature,alongside a new logo. New DS 5 was also launched, with the new DS Wings style front grille.
Heralding from the original Citroen DS of 1955, DS cars of today combine remarkable style and technology, comfort and refinement, exceptional materials and sophistication. 

Citroën DS3 & Citroen DS3 Cabrio are relaunched as DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio, STYLISH & MODERN CITY CARS.

Modern, stylish and personalised, the Citroen DS3 saloon and cabriolet were popular from their launch in 2010.

In 2016, DS 3 and  DS 3 Cabrio were launched, completing the renewal of the DS range and marking the separation of the DS brand from Citroën and the start of a strong, new identity.

Citroën DS4 is relaunched to become DS 4

Citroën DS4, was launched at the end of 2010 and combined the performance, exclusive design and compact dimensions of a coupé with the versatility and space of a saloon.

In 2015, DS 4 hatchback and DS 4 Crossback were launched:

- DS 4 is a premium hatchback delivering an exceptional driving experience.
- DS 4 Crossback adds outdoor styling

Presented in 2011, Citroen DS 5 was innovative, visionary and consistent with the brand signature ‘Creative Technology’. Its assertive styling promised a rich, refined drive.


Citroën DS5 is relaunched as DS 5

At the 2015 Geneva motorshow, DS embraced the spirit of avant-garde, revealing DS 5 – the brand’s flagship model – and boasting DS brand identity features, such as new front end styling, called DS Wings.
With its unique styling, dynamic performance, refinement, attention to detail and cutting-edge technologies, DS 5 demonstrated the potential of current and forthcoming DS cars.