A revolution in the automotive world, ChatGPT is coming to DS Automobiles; a first in Europe.
Paris, 19 October 2023

The integration of ChatGPT enhances the DS Automobiles driving experience and French art of travel with a high-tech dimension offering unlimited potential.


ChatGPT is a generative artificial intelligence model. This technology uses language models to understand and generate a natural and fluid interaction. By learning from huge amounts of data, ChatGPT can answer an impressive variety of questions and provide accurate and relevant information.


ChatGPT's integration with DS IRIS SYSTEM, available in DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9, enables users to enjoy a revolutionary conversational experience, with access to useful information and the ability to complete a multitude of tasks. In a DS, the benchmark for chatbots takes on a new dimension by becoming a digital assistant devoted to the travel experience.

Integrated with DS IRIS SYSTEM, ChatGPT offers a whole new dimension for interaction... Why not ask it what you could visit during an afternoon in Bordeaux, to list the most beautiful works kept at the Louvre Museum, to invent a quiz on your favourite subject, or even to create a children's story? All these ideas, and much more, can now be topics of conversation with IRIS speech recognition, through the support of ChatGPT artificial intelligence in all DS IRIS SYSTEM equipped DS Automobiles models.


To use it, simply speak to DS IRIS SYSTEM by saying "OK IRIS" or by pressing the dedicated button on the steering wheel. Voice interaction with the chatbot then starts safely, without you taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

"Our mission at DS is to provide our customers with a unique onboard experience. As pioneers in the integration of ChatGPT into the automotive world, we are making a generative artificial intelligence that is fluid, intuitive and immersive accessible, transforming every trip into a unique journey. It is a high-tech revolution with unlimited potential that is part of one of the greatest 21st century societal transformations.”


Olivier François, Head of DS Automobiles



“Even knowing all the inner workings and binary computations that allow ChatGPT to interact with its user, there is a certain fascination with how this conversational artificial intelligence model works. Its ability to interact is certainly one of the most striking applications of AI of the past year around the world. Since ChatGPT has been available, we've worked to integrate it into our own systems. And we are pleased to be the first to offer this innovation in Europe. This development is part of Stellantis' strategic focus, within the Dare Forward 2030 strategy.”


Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis Chief Software Officer

"In a few words, what user experience can you offer in a car?" - DS Automobiles
"Onboard, ChatGPT integration delivers an exceptional user experience, allowing drivers and passengers to interact vocally with the car for real-time information, entertainment, productivity and safety. This innovative experience enriches journeys by transforming driving into a more user-friendly, convenient and connected experience." - Iris x ChatGPT
The integration of "SoundHound AI powered by ChatGPT API" with DS IRIS SYSTEM is offered at no extra cost over a six-month pilot phase, if the subscription is taken out between 19 October 2023 and 29 February 2024 and within the first 20,000 requests on DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9. This feature, which can be instantly activated remotely, is available on all DS models equipped with DS IRIS SYSTEM and can be accessed in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, in each of the languages of these countries.
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Take advantage of ChatGPT(i) Asking for real time information (such as sport results or shop opening hours) is not possible as the service is based on ChatGPT V3.5 (info updated till September 2021).   s knowledge and ask for its help to enhance your journeys with information and anecdotes. History, geography, literature, gastronomy... Challenge ChatGPT and it will become your best travelling companion!