Personalise your DS with a full range of original accessories.

Our services

DS Automobiles offers a wide range of original accessories specially designed to make your vehicle even more personalised to your needs. Our original accessories are made with the engineers who designed and manufactured your car, so you always know you’re getting the very highest standards of quality, safety and durability. Choosing DS genuine accessories means:


- Quality and safety: designed to the strictest technical specifications and tested under the most severe conditions.

- Style: perfectly integrated to the style of your vehicle.

- Perfect fit and ease of use.


Make your car your own with DS original accessories.

Spare wheel packages

The spare wheel allows you to drive in complete safety. On some vehicles, you must choose the predisposition option when purchasing your vehicle to be able to fit the wheel. 

DS Service offers you an all-inclusive spare wheel package to drive in complete peace of mind.

Our top accessories

Interior protection
If your vehicle is brand new and you want to keep it looking that way or if you have owned your DS for a few years and you want to refresh its interior, there is nothing like our wide range of protection accessories such as floor mats, seat covers and more. 
Boot organisation
If you like your car's boot to be neat and tidy, our line of boot organisation accessories is for you. Choose from a selection of custom boot mats and bins, cargo nets, and dividers that fit your DS perfectly. 
Transport solutions
If you're going on holiday or doing sports activities with your DS, you'll probably need more space to carry all your equipment. We offer a wide range of tow bars and carrying accessories for bikes, skis and other sports equipment. Our original accessories are designed and developed to fit your DS perfectly. 
Accessories for electric vehicles
If you own a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid DS, we make charging easy, whether you're at home or on the move. We have a selection of charging cables, adapters and wallboxes to give you the flexible charging solution you need, wherever you are. 
Interior personalisation
To make your time on board even more enjoyable, we have developed a range of DS accessories that will enhance your driving experience and the comfort of your passengers. Discover our selection of storage units, perfume diffusers, sunshades, parking aids, and more. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, we offer a wide range of personalisation products for both the interior and exterior of your DS.