Connected Services

Connected Services

Depending on when you order your vehicle, DS Automobiles offers you a range of connected services to help you enjoy every moment behind the wheel.


Emergency & Assistance Calling
Hit the road with complete peace of mind. This global emergency positioning system will directly contact the appropriate rescue or assistance services, available throughout the DS range. 
Easy to access from the driving seat, our connected navigation system with voice recognition includes various services developed by TomTom, such as real-time traffic and speed cameras. 
Mirror Screen (CarPlay, Android Auto)
Don’t take your eyes off the road. With Mirror Screen, connect your smartphone to enjoy compatible apps through your DS screen. 
DS Remote Maintenance
This service is offered free of charge, but must be activated to allow us to use data from your vehicle to automatically share with your retailer to notify of work needed. Available for DS models with SOS & ASSISTANCE function ordered from April 20, 2016. 


Included in the purchase of your vehicle

DS Automobiles provides you with a set of Connected Services that allow you to make the most of your driving experience.​

*From 1st July 2023, all new DS vehicles will be equipped with Connected Services Packs which are included in the purchase price. This includes the Connect ONE pack for a period of 10 years and, after subscribing, the Connect PLUS pack, included with the purchase of your DS for a period of 36 months with a possibility to renew with a paid subscription after this period. See Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page


Live with peace of mind
After your purchase, you'll benefit from 10 years' worth of connected services, guaranteeing you security and peace of mind.


With SOS & Assistance, take to the road with complete peace of mind. This geolocated emergency system will contact the appropriate emergency services or assistance directly.


Let your point of sale know the technical data of your DS even before you entrust it to them. Give yourself the opportunity to be contacted by your DS Service outlet to anticipate your next scheduled servicing or work. And receive a monthly report on the condition of your vehicle by e-mail. So you can be more responsive and efficient when it comes to servicing your DS.


Drive with complete peace of mind thanks to your digital "Maintenance e-book". Activate it at your DS point of sale and then easily consult the history of operations carried out on your vehicle from your MyDS application.


Rediscover the pleasure of unrestricted driving
Included in the price of your vehicle for 3 years, the Connect Plus Pack offers you additional services for an optimal connected driving experience.


Directly accessible from the driver's seat, the connected navigation system provides you with valuable information (traffic, weather, danger zones, location of service stations with fuel prices and electric recharging points, etc.) and suggests a parking space close to your destination. Your voice assistant takes care of everything. And if you've already programmed your journey in your MyDS application, send it directly to your navigation system with a single click.


From your MyDS application, stay informed about the status of your E-TENSE vehicle: check your battery's autonomy and state of charge, schedule your car's recharge or thermal preconditioning at a specific time on the day(s) of your choice.


Prepare your journeys from your smartphone via MyDS by simply estimating your need for autonomy at the end of your journey, and visualize your stops at the search terminals, your journey time calculated according to your needs defined in your application. Save time, too, by sending your route to the 1st stop directly to your DS infotainment system. 


Available only on DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and DS 3 E-TENSE versions.


"Enjoy your journey without worrying about your vehicle, the connected alarm alerts you by SMS if your physical alarm is triggered. 


Available on DS 4"


With the MyDS application, you can easily choose your next destination and send it to your DS infotainment system using the Send2Nav function.


Recharge your electric car or plug-in hybrid at public charging stations with this application connected to your vehicle and included in the Connect Plus Pack.

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Legal information

For all new vehicles ordered after July 1, 2023, SOS & Assistance and DS remote maintenance services are included in the Connect ONE package (price already included in vehicle price). Remote Control & Connected Navigation" services are included in the Connect PLUS apack, which requires a specific subscription. Connect PLUS is available and included in the vehicle price for 36 months from the warranty start date. After this period, Connect PLUS will be available against payment.