Never be out of touch

We all use technology differently so we’ve designed every DS to be a connected car. This lets you be as in touch as you want, wherever you may be. When in your vehicle, you can use Bluetooth to connect your phone and communicate with your MyDS app, or alternatively Mirror Screen enables the 7-inch touchscreen in your DS to mimic some of the content of your smartphone.

DS Connect Box is a suite of features and subscription options designed to make life with your DS as easy as possible. The SOS function will call for support automatically if it detects you’ve been in a collision, helpfully informing your rescuers of your location.  Using the in-built SIM card, your DS can also seamlessly offer real time journey information and traffic data within your Connect Nav, remote control of your electric car charging, or connected maintenance alerts.

They’re all features that save time or make life with your DS easier and more enjoyable. Learn more about each service below.

DS Connect Nav

DS Connect Nav is a state-of-the-art navigation system combined with voice recognition. New vehicles equipped with DS Connect Nav include a free 3 year subscription to Real Time Traffic and Speedcam by TomTom services, which deliver a wealth of live information to your screen in order to enhance your journey.

DS Connect Box: SOS & Assistance

Your DS will summon help automatically if you need it, guiding rescue services to your location

If your DS is involved in a collision, the intelligent on-board system will call the emergency services using its integrated SIM card. It will also tell them exactly where you are. Alternatively, just press the SOS button.


Whatever’s on your phone is on your car’s screen thanks to the DS Mirror Screen feature. Once the smartphone is connected to your car, your apps are adapted to your vehicle. 

MyDS App

The MyDS app offers a range of features designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Check handbook information, track your journey and fuel consumption (when connected by Bluetooth), book an aftersales appointment online, or manage your connected services subscriptions.

DS Services Store

The DS Services Store is the place for DS owners to manage subscriptions of connected services, especially if you would rather use a website than a mobile app. Create an account, or use the same log-in details as for the MyDS app, add your vehicle, and you can see which subscription services are available to you.

Many services are free for the first 3 years on new cars, and can then be renewed at a cost.


With Telemaintenance, DS uses connected cars alerts to let you know if your vehicle requires scheduled maintenance or some extra attention.

E-TENSE Remote Control

Electric and Plug-In Hybrid drivers can subscribe to E-TENSE Remote Control to be able to manage features related to charging and temperature from their smartphone.