DS Finance FAQs

What is the process of financing a DS vehicle?


Browse and tailor your DS vehicle, either online or by visiting a local retailer. When you’ve found the right DS model, speak to your local retailer to discuss the finance options available. Once you have decided on a suitable finance product, we will require some further information in order to perform an identity and credit check. If the necessary checks are successful, you’re good to go. You can then easily manage your finance account online.

Can I settle my finance agreement early?


Yes, you can settle your finance agreement early, any time after your first monthly payment. You will need to request an early settlement figure to confirm your outstanding balance, which will have to be paid to settle your agreement. This figure is calculated using the actuarial method, as required by the Consumer Credit Act (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004.

Can I pay extra amounts into my finance plan?


On all of our finance agreements you can pay extra into the plan, at any time.

What is a balloon payment?


A balloon payment is what the car is predicted to be worth at the end of your finance agreement. You'll need to pay this amount if you want to keep your vehicle at the end of our SimplyDrive and DS Personal Contract Purchase plans.

What are the conditions of returning a DS vehicle on finance?


The conditions of returning your DS car will depend on the finance agreement. If the vehicle is in good condition (allowing for fair wear and tear), and within the agreed mileage, you won’t need to pay any additional charges.

Is personal contract hire available on used DS vehicles?


We don’t offer personal contract hire on used vehicles, but you can finance a used DS car with our personal contract purchase solution. This agreement allows you to change your DS every two, three or four years, and if you wish, you can even own the car at the end.

Can I change the mileage cap on my agreement after I have signed the contract?


You may increase your mileage allowance if you believe you’re going to exceed it. You will have to pay an increased monthly repayment to reflect the added mileage, but this will avoid any additional charges for excess mileage at the end of your plan.


You may also decrease your mileage if you don’t think you will utilise the agreed mileage, however, we advise that you think carefully about this option as you could be faced with additional charges if you do exceed your mileage.

What finance agreements include insurance?


We provide insurance and routine maintenance on our SimplyDrive contract. However, our personal contract hire plan does not include insurance.