Technology that is part of a unique sense of style, technology to ensure a comfortable and dynamic driving experience, technology to deliver performance that drivers will love... Here are the key technologies implemented by DS.


Best Example: Hybrid 4x4
Best Optimisation: PureTech Engine
Cleanest Exhaust System: Blue HDi

Hybrid 4x4 proves that a diesel engine can deliver an exceptional drive, with little impact on the environment.

This new three-cylinder petrol engine allies compact dimensions and a light weight with a level of performance never before seen in engines of this capacity.

The new BlueHDi exhaust system slashes NOx emissions while also cutting CO2 emissions significantly when compared to standard diesel engines.


On The Road with DS Smartphone Apps

The New MirrorScreen function lets you access a number of smartphone apps from the touch screen in your car.

MyDS: connects your smartphone to your DS to provide geolocation functions and alerts.

Discover MyDS: an intuitive onboard user's manual for your DS

Discover Connected Mobility to Help When You Need It.

DS Connect Box delivers complete peace of mind for its owner: safety, eco-driving, service alerts, geolocation and an active search function in the event of theft.


Active City Brake To Avoid Collisions

Using a short-range laser sensor positioned at the top of the windscreen, the Active City Brake function detects obstacles and applies the brakes when necessary. This function is operative in the city at speeds of up to 15 mph. It is part of the Driver Assistance Pack and is standard or optional on all DS vehicles.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Lane Departure Warning System gives an audible reminder if you drift out of your lane.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Alerts you to vehicles you may not be able to see in the mirrors and is very useful on urban motorways.

Reversing Camera

Beams images from behind the car onto the touch screen when you engage reverse gear.

The head-up display shows key driving information on a transparent panel positioned at eye level.

Without Forgetting Functions to Let You See and Be Seen

DS LED VISION, combining LED technology with with a Xenon module to produce a wide, deep, white beam, reducing eye strain and using less energy.